Why you should own multiple sportsbook accounts

If you want the best price for a new couch, you are going to review prices from many different stores.  You want to make sure you’re getting the best price for the product.

This should be the same approach you take to sports trading. Are you going to bet on Israel Adensaya on Fanduel for +100 against Jon Jones? What if DraftKings or Bovada have Izzy at +110 or + 115? 

 If you do not have numerous sportsbooks, you are saying you only shop at Amazon and Target. If you only check those stores, you may be missing out on great prices elsewhere. You shouldn’t settle for only having a Fanduel or Draftkings account, because you may be missing out on great moneylines from other sportsbooks.

Let’s  go back to the Israel Adensaya example above. In scenario A, you take Israel at +100 because you only use FanDuel. In scenario B, you are line grinding. Maybe you check all the sites and find Israel at +110 at your local casino. 

If I had 100 of those types of bets, I would earn an extra 55% on my account! See below for the math:

Scenario A: 100 bets, Winnings at 55%, Bet +100

Scenario B: 100 bets, Winnings at 55%, Bet +110

(.55*100) – ((1-.55)*100)

(.55*110) – ((1-.55)*100) -> My losses are still 100 because I am placing 100 dollars to win 110 now instead of winning 100. 

Win A: 10

Win B: 15.5

Get a spreadsheet and keep track of your money. If you do not keep track of your money and what sportsbook you use, you will not be as successful as possible.

Enjoy the tip! Compare those lines and grind smarter.

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