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Pizza Money Picks UFC Fight Night

Let’s go through some bets this weekend for that pizza money! Last weekend was not our best, but we are here to do solid research and provide a redemption of bets this weekend for the viewers.

Volkov vs. Aspinall

Aspinall has spent an average of 3 minutes in the UFC octagon. Heavyweight fights end in a finish 71.22% of the time. Aspinall has won 2 of his last 3 fights via knockout. Odds are +180 for Aspinall to win by knockout. Put a couple bucks on Aspinall to win by knockout.

Allen vs. Hooker

Allen has won 6 of his last 7 fights via decision. Odds are +180 for Allen to win by decision. Allen winning by decision is the lock of the pizza money picks!

Pimblett vs Vargas

Lightweights priced between -470 to -510 are 10-0 in the last 10 fights. This is a big price for this fight on a straight pick. and Pimblett was extremely aggressive in his first fight and won his last fight by knockout. BCDC see this fight not going the distance. Odds are at +150 for Pimblett to win by knockout. Book it.

Nelson vs. Sato

Odds are +240 for Nelson to win by decision and, on the flip side, odds are -110 for Nelson to win by submission. I went to our models, because I was not sure what the best choice would be. Our machine learning models project this fight to go the distance. So, BCDC betting on Nelson to win by decision. Welterweight fights go to a decision 47.48% of the time and odds for this fight to go the distance are currently +165. This is a 10% edge on this fight going the distance, so take this bet, too. No hedging on the pizza money picks!

Herbert vs. Topuria

Topuria has won 2 of his last 3 fights via knockout. Odds are +200 for Topuria to win by knockout.

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