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UFC BCDC Parlay Bet to get the big money bet

After our last pick Rakhmonov, Gamrot, Nickal, and Jones we now are up 7.52u on our eighteenth parlay we have done since you all have voted for it. Going 12-1 did help us win a huge parlay. Parlays are risky but using the machine learning models helps fill in the risky gap! I know a few of our fans took huge risk making good money on this bet last week.

Parlay Choice

Said Nurmagomedov −250

Alexander Romanov−150

1u will win you 1.33u. Everyone always wants to make a plus money parlay, but you have to find the right fights to place your parlay! Luckily, we have a sneak preview of a 66.92% accuracy model telling us who is going to win on the majority of occasions. And you have us at BCDC giving you stats, odds, and visuals to give you the upper hand. Let us know which part of the parlay makes you confident on Twitter and what makes you nervous to place the bet.

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