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UFC Machine Learning Predictions by BCDC aka show the money

If you would have used all of BCDC’s straight picks, you would be down $500 in straight picks for this year. Our machine learning models went 7-4 last time, which is an 64% accuracy in straight picks. In our last 379 predictions we are predicting at 65.96% accuracy! Find another site where you got this much profit and accuracy with our models and analysts!

Below are our UFC picks for Saturday night. As always, enjoy the fights!

*Expected Value Bets and Bets Placed

Nikita Krylov*
Andre Muniz*
Augusto Sakai*
Tatiana Suarez
Mike Malott*
Gabriella Fernandes*
Jordan Leavitt*
Joe Solecki
Charles Johnson*
Nurullo Aliev*
Hailey Cowan*
Trevor Peek*

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